National Trust Collection

National Trust Collection by Ca’Pietra

Your journey into the past starts here…

National Trust Collection. Every interior or design collection has its muse, its story, its guiding light, but few are as steeped in historic significance as this – our new tile collaboration with the Trust, Europe’s largest conservation charity. Come to our showroom and look at our amazing collection.

The Collaboration

The new tile collection is inspired by the properties, gardens, coastlines and countryside that are cared for by the Trust.

With each and every tile, you’ll step into one of the National Trust’s historic houses or be transported to the scenery that surrounds it.

A tile from the National Collection is an investment in our heritage in more ways than one.

A minimum of £10,000 from sales of this collection will help the Trust continue to care for nature, beauty and history for everyone, forever. So let us travel through time with tiles.

Architectural Elements Melange Porcelain Warm Grey
Alfriston Clergy Ceramic Shallow Water

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