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Anti Crack Matting 30m Rolls

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Anti Crack Matting
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Dukkaboard Deco Matting

Innovative one-step underlayment system and multi- purpose movement matting for floor tiling, designed to cope with multi-directional lateral substrate movement.
Very durable, lightweight and easy to fit.
Suitable for use on most substrates including timber floors and cracked concrete.
Can be stuck down with standard flexible tile adhesive.
Only 3mm thick

Deco-Mat is suitable for use on sound substrates including timber and cracked concrete floors. Must be stuck down using high quality standard flexible tile adhesive. Select an adhesive in accordance with the substrate type. Please note that floors and uncoupling beds installed over Underfloor Heating systems may require upgraded materials such as adhesives with higher adhesion strength. Dukkaboard encourage users to confirm suitability with their own trials before installation. Dukkaboard disavow any liability resulting from use of non-suitable adhesive and resulting damage of any kind.

Deco-Mat is designed for all types of floor tiling installations. Durable, lightweight and easy to install it has a finished height of just 3mm. The unique circular indentation design of the polyethylene sheeting and fleece, gives Deco-Mat it’s superb properties to absorb multi-directional stresses caused by lateral substrate movement. The matting incorporates fleece mats on both sides and features glue free bonding between the fleece mats and indented sheet. This advanced lamination technology ensures the secure and durable anchoring of the floor finish over the base substrate below. Deco-Mat also provides improved load distribution and the relief of compressive stresses acting on specific points on the floor. Designed to absorb tile adhesives quickly and with void-free dimple filling, Deco-Mat permits faster installation of the finished floor surface. It is suitable for use on sound substrates such as timber and concrete floors, and is applied using flexible tile adhesive. Sold in 30m Rolls.

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