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Ca' Pietra Blackburn

Ca’ Pietra Blackburn

A visit to Dyrham Park revealed a perfectly preserved collection of original delft tiles in the basement dairy. It was this discovery which inspired our screen printed tile collection, which features motifs of different National Trust landmarks, as well as flora and fauna. Dyrham Dairy is a ceramic tile collection influenced by the beautiful blue and white delft tiles that can be seen in the house at Dryham Park today. Part of the basement rooms, which also include the Victorian kitchens, bakehouse and several larders, the dairy forms an integral part of this 17th century house in the village of Dryham in South Gloucestershire. Built in 1698, the dairy was originally known as the Little Kitchen and the original tiles date from the early 18th century.

With such a rich heritage behind them, our Dryham Diary collection is perfect for kitchens and bathrooms, as well as walk-in larders and pantries.

The rustic tile has a handmade style while the traditional motifs are hand painted then screen printed onto each tile for an authentic look. A classic design that would complement Shaker-style cabinetry and in-frame timber kitchens, we have given the tile a contemporary twist for a more modern interior. This is why the collection will also enhance kitchens or bathrooms with brushed brass hardware and an industrial feel for modern living.

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